Oops it’s been a while!

so, it’s been a while… We have been super busy and every time I want to sit down to blog, well, life gets in the way! With my recovery, the first half of summer was such a bummer for me! I couldn’t really go anywhere with the kids, no walking around the zoo or a beach or swimming.. It plain old sucked! But this second half of the summer is going better! In the past month we have accomplished a lot! 

Vacation on the beach✔️

Safety town✔️

Joels big birthday party✔️

Summer movie✔️

Vacation bible school✔️

Swimming ✔️


Moms club summer party✔️

Of course along with every day life too!

Silas loved vbs and safety town this year! I still can’t believe he is going into kindergarten 😁 where did my baby go?? I am so proud of him (and of myself) because he is completely prepared and excited to go. For 5 years we have been learning while playing, working at home on “school”, playing with friends and being involved in social activities… He is very well adjusted and although I am sad he is growing up so fast, I know he will do great! Of course I have fears about mean kids.. Why are kids so mean these days?? I always hear horrible stories, makes me so sad.  I just pray my kids don’t get bullied AND don’t bully anyone else!! 

Oh and in other big news- Silas learned to ride his bike a few weeks ago!! Woohoo!  

Joel has had a big summer too- turning TWO! He is such a cute little guy, he talks soooo much, loves to sing all day long, and play in any sort of water!! He is almost potty trained, although so stubborn that some days he pees his pants on purpose to make me mad. I’m definitely gonna be in trouble when these boys are older!! 

As for me, I’ve been recovering still! This past month has been a huge turning point. I’ve gotten rid of my crutches which is great! I mostly walk without limping, although I still get tired and sore fairly quickly so you may catch me limping after a long day! Soon I will be cleared to start incorporating jumping and running into my rehab. That’s exciting but scary, since that is how I got here in the first place!! Huge thank you to everyone praying for me and everyone who has helped with dinners and gift cards- Such a big help!! I am now mostly making dinners alone… Things are hard and I struggle every day, but every day I am also getting better!!!  Thank God for my parents and husband who have done nothing but help me every.single.day. 

I hope to be blogging more often but I have another huge project coming up this year… You’re looking at the new moms club president for this year!! As Silas says “wow, that is a really big job!” Haha!  I am looking forward to this upcoming year with the club.  So happy to have been chosen to represent a wonderful group as president!  Can’t wait to share the many adventures with you all! 

That’s all for now!