Sunday skinny… Sunday setback 😁

things are not going perfect around here! For everyone out there who thinks I have Perfect life and can do anything.. I can’t! Last week was stressful with the Kindergarten thing and all my other commitments starting up. I definitely turned to food! It’s not like I ate everyrhjng in sight, but had a snack here and there, had a fancy coffee, had a piece of cake… It adds up quick. the kicker is that food makes me feel better for about one second while I’m tasting it, and then it’s like why the heck did I just eat that!!!??? 

I also have been having more hip pain, so have not been working out as much. Life is BUSY with meetings, sports, school, etc. 

Now it’s Labor Day weekend and a whole nother battle! Picnics and parities, treats and snacks. Whew. Not easy.

I’m sure you’ve all been here with me. Losing weight is not easy and I need to remind myself it doesn’t happen overnight. I need to remind myself of my goals. I need to remind myself it takes time and hard work. 

If you have any encouragement I could use it!!! I hope I have some better news o report next week!!! 

Feeling a little bummed that it isn’t easier, but going to try to stay positive. 



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