The first day

I cannot believe I put my BABY on the bus for kindergarten today… Seriously? How is it even possible he is that old? 

He was so excited all morning, even taunting his little brother 🎶”I get to ride the bus today!! 🎶 He is going for half day kindergarten, which is everyday 1-4. So this morning, I took a bunch of pictures of him with his backpack, so he wouldn’t be annoyed with me right before he left 😝 I was dreading the bus coming all morning.. 

We ate lunch and then went outside to wait for the bus! We saw it round the corner and he was so excited, took off for the driveway.. I had to ask for a hug and a kiss! (Sigh) as soon as he was on the bus, my tears started to roll!!! Such a big step to get on that bus alone and go to school. Everything we’ve worked on for the past 5 years has led up to this moment. As I stood there crying, I had a flashback of the past 5 years. Everything we’ve done, everyrhjng he’s learned, all the love, the challenges and the fun times… I couldn’t be prouder of him. He is smart, funny, kind, and prepared to tackle kindergarten!  

 When the bus left,  I was off to therapy!! I couldn’t just sit around and cry so instead I got my butt whooped. I came home and worked on making some wreaths.. It was a good distraction until it was bus time again!! 

He got off the bus like a champ and was sooooooooo happy about school. He loved it, he can’t wait to go back, and it was awesome. 

Can’t ask for anything more, huh? 

Hopefully I won’t cry tomorrow!! 



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