The Sunday skinny! 

My 21 days of 21 day fix is over!!! 

My results were a loss of 7 lbs. Not too bad at all. 

Some things I loved about the program and some things, not so much. I loved that it really made me evaluate the food in our lives. The snacks and meals that weren’t always so clean. I haven’t had any sweets on the program and I tried to eat some peanut m and ms yeatersay and really had two and that was plenty! So thank you 21 day fix for getting my sweet tooth under control! 

I did not like how much food it had you eating. Yes it’s all healthy, clean food, but in my opinion it was still too any calories. Some days I tracked my food I to my fitness pal and although I was under containers, I was over calories. I think that ultimately “sabotaged” me. 

So I still have about 10 lbs to lose.. At least. The next month I am going to try things my own way! I’m going to track all calories and stay under my goal. I’m going to eat mostly clean but I will indulge occasionally with a sweet or a not so healthy snack. I am going to TRY to start waking up early to workout and do therapy because with school and moms club and sports schedules.. It’s nearly impossible for me to find time during the day now!! 

I also just got a vitamix blender. Finay took the plunge after I’ve wanted one for YEARS AND YEARS! It’s really going to step up my smoothie game! 

 So now I’m off to a new week and a new adventure in weight loss!  

Still not LOVING my body but I’m on track!! 



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