The Sunday skinny! 

 Another week down.. In more ways then one! I lost a whole ONE pound this week. It’s still down from last week so I have to be happy right?? 

My eating was spot on this week! Followed the 21 day fix and even made some new recipes to spice it up a little. Chicken bacon avocado lettuce wraps(Grilled chicken, turkey bacon, avocado on a lettuce “tortilla”) and also unstuffed cabbage (homemade turkey meatballs with cut up cabbage and tomato sauce.) 

Working out hard enough to make a difference is hard. It’s definitely making a difference in my recovery but not so much my waistline! It’s frustrating but I’m doing it and every month it will be better and better. 

So I lost one pound. Of COURSE I want it to be more but I’ll take it. Non scale victories- I made it through several parties without caving.. Ate salad, veggies, fruit and grilled chicken.. Only chose the healthy and avoided all desserts! Woohoo! 

I also am starting to FEEL better. That’s what matters. My clothes fit a little better and I more so like what I am seeing in the mirror. My skin is clearer, my stomach doesn’t hurt.. It’s really nice. 

One final week on the 21 day fix and then we will see what I’ll do next! I still have a long way to go, and can’t give up. 

See you next week! 




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