The Sunday skinny! 

It’s been one week since my weight loss journey has begun. It hasn’t been easy, because really, when is it?? 

As I mentioned earlier, I’m following the 21 day fix program. Basically that means 3 cups of veggies, 2 cups of fruit, 3 cups of protein, 1 cup carbs, 1/3 cup healthy fats (nuts, cheese, avocados, hummus) and 2 tbsp dressings or seeds per day. It all coordinates to color coded containers which makes it pretty easy! 

My biggest struggle is eating as much as I am supposed to! It’s easy to eat a lot of junk food.. But when you are set to eat only certain foods and those foods fill you up more then junk food, it’s hard to keep eating! Lol 

 I am lactose intolerant which doesn’t give me many options for protein- meat or eggs really.. Annnnnd eggs are not my favorite- after an issue this week with eggs, they are off the menu!! 😲 also I don’t eat salad dressing or seeds usually so I never eat that amount. Occasionally I will eat one more veggie serving or fruit serving or one less… I’m ok with that, I’m not cheating with bad food and I feel like it evens out! 

As for exercise, I’ve been doing my therapy exercises daily and also the eliptical for 20-30 minutes every other day or so. I started back up with my Fitbit and average about 5000-6000 steps a day which impresses me for being on the mend still! 

So overall a great week- we went to a sporting event last night, the boys got snacks and candy and it really wasn’t even hard to not eat any! And when I was falling Asleep I thought about how proud I am I didn’t cheat and snitch some junk food. My health goals are more important! 

Now for the good part- results! 

One week and I have exactly a 5 lb weight loss! Woooohoooo! 🎉👍🏼😀 

I am ecstatic with the results but I also know that I’m probably not going to be losing 5 lbs every week! It just goes to show you want happens when you put your mind to something and STICK WITH IT. I am tired of not giving my health 100% and tired of saying I’m going to lose weight but still eat junk. Time for a change and it’s happening!!! 

Off to tackle the next seven days! Going to a birthday party today and I will have to be extra strong willed!!! I know I can do it! 

 I will leave you with my favorite meal of the week- 

Sunday I grilled up several boneless skinless chicken breasts so I would have them ready to be successful for quick lunches or dinner. 

A couple times this week I cut up 4 oz of the chicken, one whole pepper, and added tastefully simple garlic garlic, onion onion and fiesta party dip mix- put it all in a skillet with an inch of water. I “fried” it (in water) until the peppers were soft and chicken warmed up. Easy easy chicken fajitas!!! Use a romaine lettuce leaf as a wrap or use a whole wheat wrap and count it as a carb or just eat it off the plate (my favorite way!) try it- so healthy and sooooo good!! Even the hubs loved it!  

After this meal I am very full and feel great! I mean seriously it takes up half the plate and the fajita part comes in at only 183 calories!!! Delicious! 

Alright people, have a good week attaining whatever goals you have set for yourself!!! 



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